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10 Day Jump Start Program results.


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The results of 10 days of eating clean and moving more!


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Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Vacation is a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. Costa Rica, being one of the most beautiful places on earth can bring about healing just from being there. With the addition of clean eating, yoga and mediation, people felt their minds an bodies detox and transform.

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93 year old Mordecai!

His goal was to be able to walk to the synagogue without having to stop to take breaks. 30 days before he passed he was working out twice a week and had lost 40 lbs.  The comments I heard most at his funeral were that he looked younger from our training together.

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Ricky's Accident Recovery

After rehab ended, Ricky wanted to continue to improve. He went from needing assistance with walking to working out and getting up and down on his own.

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Yoga at the YMCA

Teaching is a passion of mine. Seniors and those with mobility restrictions need a style of teaching that can give them options while giving them the benefits of movements. No one is left out in these classes.

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Priscilla's First Marathon

She went from running a few miles to a marathon in a year.

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Eylan completing first marathon!

Through consistence training and focusing on form, Eylan was able to reach a life long goal of completing the NYC marathon!

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David found peace!

Going to this upstate retreat he found a sense of peace and relaxation.

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